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On behalf of the Stockton Branch NAACP, it is with much gratitude and thankfulness that I have the opportunity to serve as the current President of the Branch. We continue to strive to change the course of history as we advocate for social, educational, political, economic, health and wellness changes.  The NAACP has had a long and glorious history.  I count it one of the privileges of my life to have been asked to attempt to contribute to the NAACP history as President.

During the past year we have embarked on a number of projects to achieve a more positive and unified approach to improving civil and human rights. We launched our “REACH” Healthy Initiative. This year, we increased our efforts related to the issue of health disparities among African Americans especially and people of color. We also advocated for improved educational opportunities for our children and pressed against housing violations and advocated to promote more economic development projects.  Our Criminal Justice Committee launched a new “Know Your Rights” series to ensure that the community and especially our youth are better informed. None of these efforts would be possible without the support of individuals and local businesses that continue to make contributions to the cause of civil rights and equal opportunity for all.

We will remain steadfast in our fight to pass the End Racial Profiling federal legislation. And we stand in solidarity with peaceful protesters and uphold that their civil rights not be violated as both demonstrators and authorities observe the "rules of engagement. We commend the courage and commitment of the many families who have loss love ones to senseless police shootings during their time of grief. We have a voice that has the ability to change policies within our communities. As we've had many cases that brought disappointment and anguish to our local community. It's time that we direct the anger, hostility and animosity in a productive action. 

I would like to especially say “thank-you” to my wife LaJuana who works with me and the executive team of officers.  We are very fortunate and proud to have dedicated officers, members and friends of the NAACP who provide sponsorship and support.   There's much work to be done and everyone has a part to play. The question is: Are you ready?   I would like to extend an invitation to you, if you are not a member, please join the oldest, the largest the most effective, the most respected , the most feared, the most loved, the most hated, the most cussed and discussed Civil Rights Organization - the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Bobby Bivens


Stockton Branch NAACP


(209) 466–7000


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